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Many people wonder if they could make money from their hobbies, skills or interests, but never take this any further.  Here are some of the reasons why:


• Feeling too nervous to go it alone…

• Not having anyone to talk through your ideas with…

• Not knowing whether an idea would work, or how to test it…

• Never making time to think about it properly…

• Not being confident that this is right for you…


Shared Enterprise Clubs are a new way for you to explore your business potential. The Clubs offer a relaxed and friendly space where you can work out if starting your own business could work for you. Shared Enterprise Clubs can help you to:


• Explore your ideas for making money.

• Meet people who are in a similar position.

• Think through the pros and cons of running your own business.

• Test out what might work.

• Learn from and be inspired by people who have already set up their own businesses.


A Shared Enterprise Club is quite different to a formal business startup training programme.  We won’t teach you how to start a business. You are welcome whether or not you have a business idea in mind.

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