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Case studies illustrating the impact of Shared Enterprise Clubs

Marie is a Genesis Housing Association tenant, living on Grahame Park estate. She works in central London for a few evenings per week. She answered a knock on her door by someone who thrust a leaflet into her hand and invited her to the first Club meeting.


In Marie’s own words….I had been thinking of setting up a business for some years. Coming to the

Club pushed me on to doing things about that. It has opened up opportunities for me and it has

made me think of lots of things and opportunities in very different ways to the ways I had thought of them before. I had done some market research but now I am involved with the Club in practical activity. My participation in the Living Catalogue and in having the opportunity to play an active role in planning the Grahame Park Christmas Market have given me the chance to do active projects rather than more theoretical research. I really enjoy it. The Club is loose enough to allow space for exploring peoples’ ideas, with meetings far enough apart to fit in with my schedule. I like that it is always at the same venue.


The Living Catalogue is starting to get more people involved in working together, which I really like. I especially enjoyed and found the Business Model Canvas workshop really useful. I would suggest more use of Facebook and social media for the Clubs. I would have no hesitation about

recommending the Club to other people.




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