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Shared Enterprise has been working with volunteers from the Genesis Shared Enterprise Club to develop the Living Catalogue, an online community and platform exclusively for Shared Enterprise Club members. The Catalogue will enable club members everywhere to showcase their products and services, share ideas and collaborate, do market research and buy and sell their products and services.

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Although funding from the Armed Forces Covenant will soon be coming to an end, Kingston Shared Enterprise Club members have decided to keep the Club going.  So the Club will continue as a welcoming place where people can take time out from their everyday life to share ideas and explore their business potential alongside other like-minded people.  Everybody is welcome whether they have a business idea or not, whether they are working or not.

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The new Kingston Shared Enterprise Club has started.


Thirteen people took part in the first Club meeting on 15 September 2016.  Their ideas range from biscuit and cake making to child minding and personal training. Not everyone has a business idea – some people are just looking for inspiration!  Anyone who lives in Kingston can join this Club at any time.
Just get in touch with us via the contact form or give us a call.

The Genesis Shared Enterprise Club


Over 80 people have taken part so far in the Genesis Shared Enterprise Club, thanks to funding from Genesis Community Foundation. The evaluation of the Club confirmed that it has achieved impressive results …. ‘The peer-led ethos of the Club has helped to develop the confidence and skills

of many Club members.


Additionally, the Club has helped to stimulate community engagement in all the locations where it has delivered, bringing together groups of near-neighbours who had not previously had any contact with each other….
the Club has helped to produce at least 10 possible new businesses; these are enterprises which are now trading, although may not yet be formally registered as businesses. Up to 10 more potential businesses are in the pipeline. Each of the entrepreneurs behind these enterprises has found the confidence, drive or encouragement they needed to get started or go further, through their participation in the Genesis Shared Enterprise Club’.


You can download the Genesis Shared Enterprise Club summary evaluation report here...



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