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Case studies illustrating the impact of Shared Enterprise Clubs

Maria is a social housing tenant at Grahame Park. When she met the Shared Enterprise Club

outreach worker she decided to go along to an introductory workshop. In her mid-forties,

Maria had been a childminder for 10 years. She has wanted to change her career direction

for some time and thought she might be interested in offering personal tutoring in Maths

and English.


Maria says….I came to the Club because I am at the age of not knowing which path to take. I

wanted to learn new things, find out about new opportunities, see what ideas other people

had and so on. I knew I needed to move forward. But having been a childminder for 10 years

I was in effect out of the market and I did not even know what sort of questions to ask. The

Club gave me exactly the boost and confidence I needed. Once the Club had started to open

the door for me many other doors started to open. What may seem like a little actually

helped me a lot. I have found it useful for so many things, like getting up to date information

about the market and getting some good modern ideas.


I really enjoyed coming along to the Club. I particularly liked that [the Shared Enterprise

facilitator] positioned himself as a normal human being and did not talk down to us and

gave us the confidence to go and learn things. Yet it was all very professional. There was no

pressure or push to achieve, we were allowed to approach things at our own pace and to

express ourselves in our own ways.

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