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Andrew Jones



Andrew Jones has over 20 years' experience in local economic development, gathered through Training and Enterprise Councils, central government, and a number of commercial consultancies. He has worked with the Local Economy Policy Unit at London South Bank University as an associate researcher since 1998 before becoming its director in 2011.


Initially a labour market specialist, his expertise has widened to include urban regeneration, sustainability, and aspects of local governance. His experience spans central government, Training and Enterprise Councils, various commercial consultancies, think tanks, and academia. Over the past decade, he has combined regular employment with a mix of consultancy, teaching, research, and editorial activities.


Andrew has edited the Local Economy journal since 2004.  Local Economy covers a wide range of issues influencing local development, including broad social and economic processes and policies originating at national and international levels. Local Economy operates through an extensive international network and it now reaches a wide readership across the world.


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